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Cassava potential underutilised
(BFT) Ghana is the 6th largest producer of cassava in the world in terms of value, and the commodity constitutes 22 percent of the country’s agricultural GDP.

Cassava is one of Ghana’s main staple crops, which is consumed in all parts of the ten administrative regions -- having an annual production above 10 million metric tonnes over the last decade.

However, available data shows that up to 34 percent of cassava produced in Ghana is lost along the value chain.

Processing cassava into gari is one of the most promising value addition activities, given the high demand and income elasticity which result in particularly favourable prices as opposed to fresh tubers.

However, a lot of constraints and bottlenecks hindering processing have been identified.

Cassava is an important commodity for Ghana’s food security and it is therefore not surprising to note that Ghana’s Agricultural Policy, the Food and Agricultural Development Policy (FADEPII), gives particular attention to development of the cassava sector and intensification of industrial processing to increase value addition.

Cassava is the first crop in terms of calorie intake and per capita consumption in Ghana. According to the latest food balance sheet by FAOSTAT 2011, per capita daily intake is 673 grammes -- which accounts for 32 percent of total per capita daily intake.

In terms of calories, cassava consumption per day per person provides 708 kcal, which is about 24 percent of total daily calories intake.

Sub-Saharan African countries are the main producers of cassava, accounting for 62 percent of total world production; however, due to lack of post-harvest loss reduction systems and processing technologies, the sector is not as developed as expected.

One of the key recommendations of the 27th FAO regional conference in Africa -- held in Brazzaville, Congo in 2012 -- is the promotion of results-oriented interventions to stimulate value chain development of key food commodities in African countries, including cassava value chains in Ghana.

Based on this recommendation and the government of Ghana’s quest to commercialise cassava as prioritised in the Medium Term Agriculture Sector Investment plan (METASIP, 2011-2015), the Rural Poverty Reduction Initiative was formulated and developed.

The initiative seeks to develop, test and repeatedly implement and refine a multi-disciplinary approach to rural poverty reduction.

Implementation of the Rural Poverty Reduction Initiative started in April 2013, and so far it is being piloted in 18 communities of the West Gonja district of the Northern Region with particular focus on the cassava value chain.

To this end, the FAO held a stakeholders workshop in Accra on Wednesday that looked at key findings and recommendations from three studies commissioned by the FAO under the Rural Poverty Reduction Initiative, with particular focus on Northern Ghana.

The first study was delivered by Dr. William Ahadzie of the African Development Programme (ADP) and examined a select group of agriculture-related policies, as well as the capacity-needs of a variety of groups in the agricultural sector at the national and sub-national levels.

A total of 34 policies were analysed within a FAO-developed framework on a set of predetermined criteria for the core areas and capacity needs assessment.

The second was delivered by Dr. Robert Osei of ISSER, featuring a diagnostic study of poverty profiling in West Gonja; and the third was delivered by Dr. James Taylor, University of Califonia, which looked at West Gonja district and cassava production: impact simulation of alternative social and agriculture interventions.

Dr. Ahadzie’s study found out that farmer-based organisations were weak, and a third is not registered with the department of Cooperatives as required by law. He recommended the revival of FBOs through mentoring exchange visits and capacity building, since most had poor governance structures.

Dr. Osei’s study showed that 80 percent of the population is deemed poor, and this fits into the reality that food crop farmers are the poorest in the country, based on national statistics.

Dr. Berhane Bedane, Animal Production and Health Officer of the FAO regional office in Accra, said the FAO’s mission is to support member-states achieve food security -- and one way of doing this is to identify policy gaps and recommend measures to address those gaps through strengthening the capacities of central and local government agencies to map, formulate and implement integrated and equitable poverty reduction policies and programmes.

(Source: BFT)

Cassava News 119

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Update of Cassava News from  31 July to 14 August, 2014.

Realising the economic and potential of Cassava in Malawi

Nyasa Times - ‎14-08-2014‎
The association, which strives to improve rural livelihood through improved food security and increased household income levels through production and marketing of cassava flour has over 800 members in Nkhotakota and Salima. The association's treasurer ...

Cassava promoters as Uganda's staple food should consider safety issues

New Vision - ‎10-08-2014‎
The cyanide levels in unprocessed cassava are high enough to produce serious effects of cyanide poisoning including nervous signs such as mental confusion, muscular paralysis, and respiratory distress that are associated with chronic consumption.

Cambodia sees 20% decline in cassava export in 6 months

FreshPlaza - ‎14-08-2014‎
Cambodia sees 20% decline in cassava export in 6 months. Cambodia had exported 226,000 tons of fresh and dry cassava in the first half of 2014, a decrease of 20 percent over the same period last year, said the figures provided by the Ministry of ...

Nigeria: Ogun to have 500 new youth-owned cassava production businesses

FreshPlaza - ‎cách đây 20 giờ‎
According to Adewumi, about 10 hectares of land would be apportioned to every identified youth who would be expected to produce 30 tons per hectare of cassava to realise about 300 tons. If every of these 500 businesses get 300 tons of cassava, these ...

UK's Sunbird Inks $150m Cassava Ethanol Deal In Zambia

Ventures Africa - ‎14-08-2014‎
“The significance of this project is that it is going to be the first project that will be using cassava to extract bio-ethanol for fuel and that will help in going green,” he said.

Cassava bread could tackle food security in Africa - ‎04-08-2014‎
The first three-year project aimed to enhance competitiveness of the high quality cassava flour chain in western and central Africa and the second 18-month project would improve quality, nutrition and health impacts of cassava in breads in Nigeria and ...

Cassava potential underutilised

GhanaWeb - ‎10-08-2014‎
Cassava is an important commodity for Ghana's food security and it is therefore not surprising to note that Ghana's Agricultural Policy, the Food and Agricultural Development Policy (FADEPII), gives particular attention to development of the cassava ...

Cassava to replace matooke as Uganda's staple food

New Vision - ‎29-07-2014‎
CASSAVA will soon be Uganda's staple food replacing matooke according to scientists attending the third Cassava Regional Center of Excellence Review and Science Conference in Kampala.

IITA progresses on weeds control programme for cassava

GhanaWeb - ‎10-08-2014‎
Dr Alfred Dixon, Leader for the Sustainable Weed Management Technologies for Cassava Systems Project in Nigeria, has said solutions on weed control in cassava farms are underway following efforts between the International Institute of Tropical ...

Ogun to have 500 new youth-owned cassava production businesses

BusinessDay - ‎12-08-2014‎
About 500 cassava farming enterprises producing about 0.15 million tons of cassava would emerge in Ogun State, if the state government clears 1,000 hectares out of the 5,000 available for cassava farming in the state. This was disclosed by Segun ...

Ogun to Train Farmers On New Cassava Varieties - ‎03-08-2014‎
Director, Cassava Revolution Programme of the State, Mrs. Kehinde Jokotaye, who gave this hint during the distribution ceremony, said that the farmers would be trained on the peculiarities of this cassava variety and best planting methods among other ...

Flavors From the Melting Pot: Cassava Fries With Curry Mayonnaise

TakePart - ‎06-08-2014‎
This film got me thinking about French cuisine and Indian cuisine and how far apart they seem at first, but how similar they are. The French fry potatoes; the Indians fry cassava, or yuca. Both are super-starchy roots that make for the most amazing ...

The Cassava revolution

BusinessDay - ‎29-07-2014‎
According to a recent report of the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO), Nigeria is sure to earn at least $1.3 billion from cassava chips export in 2014 out of the current production of about $18 billion. Akinwunmi Adesina, minister of ...

Nigeria to need N16bn cassava flour annually for bread by 2015

BusinessDay - ‎29-07-2014‎
About N16 billion worth of cassava flour would be needed by 2015, in the estimated 550 million (950g) loaves of bread valued at about N117 billion currently produced annually in the country.

DA encourages farmers to boost cassava production through clustering

Business Mirror - ‎10-08-2014‎
A cassava cluster is defined as having all actors in a particular geographic area, collaborating to build profitable value chains, which actually are producers and their organization, together with the input suppliers, processors, Antonio G. Gerundio ...

Between Ebola and Cassava Flakes

GhanaWeb - ‎09-08-2014‎
The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa is hardly an ideal time for residents in the region to embark on foreign travel.

Cassava cash - UWI researcher aims at J$672m annual saving

Jamaica Gleaner - ‎26-07-2014‎
If University of the West Indies researcher, Dr Ian Thompson, is successful, Jamaica could slash US$6 million (approx J$672m) from its annual import bill by replacing wheat flour with cassava flour. "We have set a modest target of substituting 10 per ...

IFAD backs cassava flour in bread initiative

Nigerian Tribune - ‎30-07-2014‎
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has declared support for the inclusion of cassava flour in bread and other confectioneries as part of efforts to improve food security and the livelihoods of farmers, especially those in the ...

Mixed results for yellow cassava's vitamin A trial

SciDev.Net - ‎28-07-2014‎
She measured both beta-carotene, a molecule that the body can turn into vitamin A, and vitamin A itself in blood samples of children who consumed 350 grams of cooked yellow cassava a day for four months, in 2012. Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of the ...

Cassava growers expect prosperity after government funding

Dominican Today - ‎21-07-2014‎
Dajabon, Dominican Republic.- Once the world discovers casaba (kasabi), the tortilla-like crust first made by the Taino Indians from cassava (yucca), an association based in Loma de Cabrera, Dajabón province (northwest) can expect prosperity. For now ...

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